IMPORTANT: how to register

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IMPORTANT: how to register Empty IMPORTANT: how to register

Post  Denise O´brien on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:21 am

First of all,register your self with a nick name that has to be your name followed by your level and group (for example: Pepito 7B)

Then create a new topic in the pubic zone where you writte your name (for example: Pepito) and surename (for example: Garcia), your level and group (for example 7B) and your nickname (for example: Pepito 7B)

Then the Admins have to accept you to enter and see the private zone, so be pacient, and if in one or two days you can´t see it, speak with Denise in class, and ask she to accept you.

VERY IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions, specially about your nickname, because it´s a way to recognise other partners, and a way that Denise can recognise you.

name: Pepito
surename: Garcia
Group and level: 7B
Nickname: Pepito 7B

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